We have many featured artists in our shop including Jennifer Redstreake Geary, Frances Perea and others! Come and see their gorgeous original works!

A bit about Frances Perea:

"I am a folk art, mixed media, and digital artist. I'm originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico and for the past 9 years have lived in beautiful rural Tennessee. My art covers a wide range of media including paper, canvas, found objects, fabric & digital formats. I like mixing objects and mediums in unexpected ways. When I lived in Santa Fe I began painting traditional New Mexico Santos (saints). I continue painting in this traditional mode as well as creating other fantasy folk art images. Art whether my own or someone else's has always been my spiritual support and has enriched my life beyond words." (website)

About Jennifer Redstreake Geary:

"Jennifer works full time as a web/graphic designer by day, but by night (and on the weekends) she paints whenever and wherever she can! She goes to an occasional show, but if you want to find her works to buy, just peruse this shop or visit her website! Jen also loves to travel and teach painting classes, loves to attempt to play guitar, is a total food snob and coffee connoisseur and is addicted to eating skittles. (hey, the colors are inspiring!)

Jen resides in Tennessee with her 2 neurotic black cats, her trusty dalmatian Molly, her awesomely talented guitar totin’ 16 year old son and twin 7 year old boys who like to be creative right along side her."

check out her (almost daily) blog where she posts her latest works:

and her etsy stores where you can see her paintings and handmade jewelry:
and to see lots more of her creativity, visit her website at:

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